Learn the Art of storytelling from proven experts

Did you know storytelling is scientifically proven to boost sales?

It's true. Think about it. What we want, our internal wiring, demands a good story. Stories allow us to connect better. We can express shared experiences, or elicit empathy from the feelings a well-told story evokes.

Science has shown that stories activate seven regions of the brain whereas data activates only two. Stories are compelling because they transport us into other people’s worlds but, in doing that, they change the way our brains work and potentially change our brain chemistry — and that’s what it means to be a social creature.

Storytelling in sales is not a new concept. Salespeople have known for ages that stories, not facts, have the most powerful impact on how people feel, and therefore help open avenues to closed deals. But what is new is a team of bestselling novelists and scriptwriters opening up the "black box" of good storytelling to show you how to do it right. With millions of books in print and scripted shows on TV, we know a thing or two about what makes a good story. We've spent decades honing our craft, so it's no surprise to us when most folks stumble telling a story or have no idea how to make a story interesting. Why does somebody turn that page, or watch that movie? We know the answers and Day In The Life Media is committed to making you the best brand storytellers you can be. 

We offer half and full-day seminars that will train your sales and marketing teams in the fundamentals of storytelling for business. We'll show you how to map proven storytelling models to your specific sales processes, so what you learn during the seminar is directly applicable to your business goals. 

Maybe you already write use case scenarios or customer profiles, but that's a small piece of a larger narrative puzzle. Who is your brand hero? How do you identify them? What is their call to action? How does their journey take shape? Once you can converse in a story framework, you'll be better equipped to engage your client or prospect in a way that will forge stronger relationships and increase the likelihood of closing that big deal.

Lots of companies claim they can teach storytelling, but only one company has published novelists willing to reveal the tricks of the trade.

What You'll Learn In Our Seminars

1. How to identify the hero or heroes of your story.

2. The components of the three-act play structure and how it can help define a sales strategy.

3. What makes a good story? (hint: Everyone loves hearing about characters who face challenges and overcome them.)

4. The essential elements of the hero's journey and how the map them to your sales process.

5. How to make your target audience care about your message.

6. How to use language to convey emotion.

7. How to write customer success stories that resonate.

8. How to perfect your storytelling chops. (hint: practice, practice, practice)

9. The power of "therefore" and "but" in crafting a story.

10. And much more!

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