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When it comes to telling a great story, there are two groups of people you can count on to do it right: your grandparents and professional storytellers, and in that order. We don't translate your brand and core competencies into soundbites or hip slogans. Instead, we leverage our experience as best-selling novelists and scriptwriters, who have millions of books in print, to find the story arc of the people who matter most to you--your customers. 

Day In the Life Media’s team of best-selling writers will help you identify your brand’s heroes, so you can tell their stories in a way that directly impacts your bottom line. We offer affordable half and full-day seminars to your sales and marketing teams that map proven storytelling techniques to any sales process. 

We all speak the language of story. Understanding the narrative flow and why it makes people think and feel will help your organization connect with your target audience on an emotional level. These tools provide new insights into the mind of the people who depend on your business for their success. With the ideas gained from our seminars, you'll be better equipped to close that big deal or make a marketing campaign more sticky. 

People love stories, they love hearing them, and they love sharing them. Not only will we help your sales and marketing teams deliver an engaging story with emotional resonance about your brand, but our team can turn that narrative into a compelling video or film that can be shown anywhere your customers or prospects happen to be. Bottom line: there's nobody quite like us out there.  

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Our Offering...Let's Go!

Sales and Marketing Team Training


Discover your brand's hero and understand their journey from need assessment to adopting your products or services. Using established storytelling structure mapped to proven sales processes, you'll come to learn the challenges your hero must overcome to become a true Brand Champion. Our half and full-day seminars are fun, informative, and will change the way you engage your customers and prospects. Learn more!

Video Storytelling


We're committed to  bringing to the business of marketing and advertising the kind of Hollywood know-how we've spent years crafting to commercial and critical acclaim. Our top-notch production teams will turn your hero's journey into reality with the kind of high-end video, film, or presentation that your target audience can't help but to watch and share. It's been said a picture says a thousand words, but moving pictures say millions.

Performance Marketing


Enhance your brand's visual storytelling with a turn-key full service digital marketing/ad campaign solution that geo-targets the right audiences to maximize eyeballs on, and drive engagement with, the content created by our team. From local paid search to managing national content marketing programs, our performance marketing solutions make sure all the right people not only know your brand's story, but respond to it as well.

Example Video Story from Day in the life media

Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation Presents: The Brandon Harris Story

Founder Bios

Daniel Palmer


DANIEL PALMER dreamed of writing ads before he wrote ten critically acclaimed suspense novels, including three best-selling medical thrillers. He published his first novel, DELIRIOUS, after a decade-long career in e-commerce, where he helped build major online retailers including A recording artist, accomplished blues harmonica player, and lifelong Red Sox fan, Daniel lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children.

Simon Toyne


Simon Toyne is the internationally bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy - and also the Solomon Creed series, which has been optioned by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production and is currently being developed as a major new TV series. He is also producer and host of ‘Written in Blood’, a ten part, true crime series for CBS where bestselling crime writers explore the true crimes that inspired their own work. Simon lives with his family in Brighton, England and the South of France.  



Jonathan Adelson


Currently, Jonathan is a Managing Director for Business Development at Valuation Research Corporation, and was a Co-Founder of Trio Media Ventures, a Venice, CA based media company.  He has spent over 20 years advising multinational corporations, their boards and senior management around the world. 


Michael Pardee

Founder of The Mission, a Los Angeles based studio focusing on commercials and film work and specializing in animation and visual effects, including virtual reality. Just recently The Mission completed work on a VR campaign to promote mental health awareness in Africa. Other recent projects include an animated series called Dinokids that is focused on helping kids learn the alphabet and other lessons related to the kindergarten readiness checklist. Prior to the Mission, Mike served as an executive producer with Asylum Visual Effects where he was responsible for all commercial work, and managing teams of producers and artists that created visual effects for commercials and films.


Nick Venezia

Nick has spent the last 10+ years of his career as an Outlier. Never one to accept boundaries, he has forged an unprecedented track in the digital-marketing field, combining his background in finance with an expertise in technology. A Series 65 and in-process-to-achieving his CFA designation, Nick combines both the complex science and analytic mathematics behind the financial industry with digital marketing, creating unique algorithms and toolsets that guarantee revenue for his clients.

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Strategic partners


Social Outlier: next-level marketing strategies to amplify results.

Having a good story to tell is one thing, but getting that story out to the masses is something else entirely. Social Outlier is the virtual megaphone that gets your micro-story and digital campaigns to the audience you need to reach. Experts in managing local and paid search, social media advertising, content delivery and influencer marketing, the team at Social Outlier turns content marketing programs for all major digital platforms into high ROI success stories. Whether you need to generate leads, retain customers, or target a unique audience, Social Outlier uses in-house algorithms and hyper-targeting techniques to make sure your story is seen and shared by the right audience.


Bring your story to life

A state of the art film and animation production studio located in the middle of the pop-culture hub known as Abbot Kinney in Venice, California, The Mission Studio specializes in creating the kind of  commercials, film and digital content that viewers are compelled to watch. 

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